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Prayer Flags (9/11 healing song)

Prayer Flags (Marc Farre's 9/11 healing song)

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Sept 11th, 2011: 94.7 FM (The Wave) in Southern California is airing Prayer Flags today »

Sept 8th, 2011: NPR Music publishes Marc's post titled Capturing Sept. 11 In A Song featuring Prayer Flags »

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Read Marc Farre's backstory about the song.

Marc performing Prayer Flags, summer 2011

Columbia University neuroscience student Jasper Burke has just recorded her own beautiful rendition:

"Prayer Flags" was written and recorded immediately after the tragedy of 9/11 hit lower New York City. It was born of the intense and immediate emotions of love and grief embodied in the "MISSING" posters that cropped up everywhere near the site—placed there by desperate fellow New Yorkers looking for news of their loved ones.

Marc Farre composed this tribute song to the victims and their families—and to the compassionate people everywhere whose hearts opened wide in response to this unimaginable sorrow—in the hopes that it might in some way help all of us heal the wounds of that tragic day.

Marc’s lyrics, photos and a short essay were reprinted shortly thereafter in Chicken Soup for the Soul of America.

In 2002, Prayer Flags was also featured on a special NPR Music website dedicated to inspiring 9/11 songs.

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